TimeTrex Payroll & Time Management

timetrexTimeTrex is a complete web-based payroll and time management suite. It is an interesting, modular, multiplatform payroll and employee time management system. Employees can keep track of their time at the office, at home, and on the road, even from their cell phones.We have integrated TimeTrex and PesaXpress to enable employers make salary and wage disbursements straight from payroll to MPESA and include payment details on payslips. 

 timetrex modules 

 TimeTrex Payroll and Time Management consists of the the following modules:

time clockWith the ability to interface with hardware such as biometric time clocks, iButtons, barcode readers, and cell phones, employees are able to efficiently track their time at the office or on the road. It can automatically calculate complex over time and premium time business policies, and is immediately able to identify labour costs attributed to projects by employee, branch, department, task-type and quantities produced.Track and monitor employee attendance accurately in real-time from anywhere in the world. TimeTrex offers different ways to track employee attendance that fits any company or budget.

 Multiple Clocking Methods
time attendanceEmployees can clock in/out and track their time using:
Computer Web Browsers (PC/MAC)
Biometric Fingerprint/Facial Recognition TimeClocks
Mobile App (iOS/Android)

 True Real-time TimeSheets
Managers can remotely monitor and get up to the second reports regarding employee time and attendance, from anywhere at anytime. Eliminate waiting until the end of the pay period to review attendance records.

 Accruals and Time Banks
Setup an unlimited number of accruals to automatically track employee vacations, sick days or banked time. Employees can also see their own accrual balances, eliminating time consuming requests to human resources to lookup that information.

Management has fine grained control and tracking over where employees are able to punch in/out from.

Since TimeTrex handles both Scheduling and Attendance, Payroll is a simple click away.

 Integrated Attendance and Payroll
No re-keying or importing/exporting data in to a separate payroll application. Payroll is prepared instantly with the click of a button.

 Payroll Tax Calculator
TimeTrex uses an advanced payroll deduction calculation engine that will automatically calculate federal and local income taxes as well as other custom deductions such as benefits, insurance and accrual programs.payroll

 Tax Reports
Generate a variety of tax and other government reports, including but not limited to:

  • KRA - PAYE (P9, P10, P10A and P10D).
  • NHIF monthly reports.
  • NSSF monthly reports.

 Payments Disbusement
TimeTrex works with PesaXpress to facilitate disbursement of payroll funds to your employees via MPESA, eliminating costly and manual payment processing.

 Electronic Pay Slips
Generate detailed electronic pay slips for each employee that can be securely viewed online or printed outanytime.

TimeTrex has easy and flexible scheduling solutions for you whether you need to schedule two employees or 500. All this is done with minimum effort and maximum efficiency, even with complex multi-week rotating

 Bottom-Up Approach
Employees may submit schedule requests such as vacation or personal time off directly within TimeTrex, eliminating time consuming miscommunication issues. Requests can be configured to go through multiple levels of hierarchical authorization.

 Accessible Online
Managers and authorized employees can securely modify employee schedules from anywhere on the company network, anytime. All authorized employees will have 365/24/7 access to TimeTrex's complete functionality.




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